Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010

Same as last year, this award aims at rewarding colleagues with outstanding performance, as well as appreciating their prominent contributions to the University. All academic and administrative staff, except Unit/Section Heads, are eligible for the awards.

Through internal nomination and taking reference to the “Criteria for Nomination – Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010″ as approved by the Assessment Committee, a total of 73 representatives were selected.

After online election from 6 January 2011 to 17 January 2011 by all staff members and the interview conducted by the Assessment Committee on 14, 17, 18 and 20 January 2011, the Awardees for the Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010 were as above.

The award presentation ceremony was held at the Chinese New Year Gathering on 11 February 2011 at the Grand Hyatt.

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010

1. Ms. Tin Kit Peng, Alice, Senior Administrative Officer of CMO-CS
2. Ms. Lídia Silveiro Gomes Martins, Senior Administrative Officer of FLL
3. Mr. Hoi Ka In, Administrative Officer of FST
4. Ms. To Wai Man, Crystie, Administrative Officer of AAO-REG
5. Mr. Sou Kuai Long, Elvo, Chief Student Counselor of AAO-SAS

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010

6. Ms. Lam Pui Seong, Candy, Senior Administrative Assistant of CMO
7. Ms. Ip Oi Man, Mandy, Senior Administrative Assistant of IPR
8. Ms. Chiang Pui Chi, Liza, Senior Administrative Assistant of FO-PCT
9. Ms. Ho Ka Lei, Cornelia, Senior Administrative Assistant of FBA
10. Mr. Chang Kam Seng, Arcturus, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of ICTO-TUS

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010

11. Ms. Chong Sin I, Amy, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of AAO-REG
12. Ms. Ieong Chi Kun, Christine, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of CMO-CS
13. Ms. Lina Ng, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of CMS
14. Mr. Chio Lai Kou, Senior Clerk of FST-CERT
15. Mr. Leong Cheok Kam, Senior Clerk of CMO-FES
16. Mr. Chio Ioi On, Worker (Grade I) of CMO-CS

Outstanding New Staff Award 2010

1. Ms. Carla Alexandra Cocco Gomes, Senior Administrative Officer of RTO
2. Ms. Wong Weng, Teresa, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of FO-ACC
3. Ms. Chau Long Lei, Lorna, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of FST
4. Ms. Chan Kei U, Jacqueline, Administrative Assistant (Grade I) of HRO-HRS
5. Ms. Tai Mei I, Rebecca, Administrative Assistant (Grade II) of GAO

People’s Choice Award 2010

Staff in administrative unit
1. Mr. Chang Kam Seng, Arcturus of ICTO-TUS
2. Ms. Choi Si Weng, Harina of AAO-REG

Administrative staff in academic unit
1. Mr. Lam Keng Lon, Terry of FBA