Lunch with Awardees of Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010

As an appreciation to the outstanding performances of the awardees of the Outstanding Administrative Staff Award 2010, the Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) Prof. Simon Ho hosted a lunch on behalf of Rector to meet the awardees and their respective heads on 31 March 2011 at the Kuan I Hin of Grandview Hotel, Taipa.

The following participants have also joined the lunch with the awardees to share their happiness:

  • Dr. Alex Lai, Vice Rector (Administration)
  • Prof. Jacky So, Dean of FBA
  • Prof. Philip Chen, Dean of FST
  • Prof. Timothy Alan Simpson, Associate Dean of FSH
  • Prof. Tong Io Cheng, Interim Associate Dean of FLL
  • Mr. Paul Pang, Registrar
  • Mr. Jason Ho, Director of ICTO
  • Ms. Cindy Lam, Head of RDAO
  • Ms. Helen Leung, Director of FO
  • Mr. Gordon Song, Director of CMO
  • Ms. Katrina Cheong, Head of IPR
  • Ms. Leona Kuan, Acting Director of HRO
  • Ms. Mason Lo, Director of CERT
  • Ms. Eduarda Vu, Head of REG
  • Ms. Jennifer Aguiar, Head of ACC
  • Mr. Jacky Chan, Head of FES
  • Ms. Linda Chan, Acting Head of CS
  • Ms. Betty Chang, Head of HRS
  • Ms. Irene Cheong, Secretary of the Outstanding Staff Award Assessment Committee