Lunch with Awardees of Best Performance Award  and Best Frontline Service Award 2005

As an appreciation of the outstanding performances of the awardees, the Rector hosted a lunch to meet the awardees of the Best Performance Award 2005 and Best Frontline Service Award 2005 on 23 March 2006 at 1:00pm. in the Flamingo Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Macau. Mr. Alex Lai (the Administrator) and Heads of the awardees, namely, Prof. Shan Wen-Jing (Dean of FED), Dr. Poon Wah Tung (Librarian), Ms. Song Kit Io (Head of GAB), Ms. Jennifer Aguiar (Bursar), Mr. Jason Ho (Head of CSB), Dr. Raymond Wong (Assistant Librarian), Ms. Candy Lei (Head of CS), Ms. Miranda Chan (Head of Accounts), Ms. Carrie Lei (Head of PCT), Ms. Fiona O (Head of ACS) and Ms. Leona Kuan (Head of PO) have also joined to share the happiness.