Long Service Award 2014

To express our gratitude and appreciation to our staff for their long-term commitment and contribution, the University presents the “Long Service Award” to the full-time staff.  This year, there was a total of 73 staff who are eligible for the awards of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service as well as 35 years of service, and they were presented a 24K gold plaque.  The 30-year award and 35-year award were also be presented a 999.9 fine gold coin.

The University firstly presented the Long Service Award for 35-years of service to Mr. Chan Seng Iong from Facility Operations and Maintenance Section (FOM) of Campus Management Office (CMO), who started his contributions to the University two years before it was official founded (i.e. since 1979). It was the University’s honor to be able to present this award before our 35th anniversary.

The list of Awardees in the Long Service Award