Long-term Service Award of Year 2008

This award is granted to staff members who have completed 20 years of service in the University Macau in year 2008. There are 16 staff eligible for this award, 8 of them attended the award presentation held during the “Chinese New Year Gathering 2009”, including:

  • Ms. Lio Tin Pun, from IPR
  • Prof. Sin Vai Kuong, from FST
  • Prof. Iu Vai Pan, from FST
  • Ms. Chan Pac Cheng, from FO-PCT
  • Mr. Lei Kai Im, from CMO-CS
  • Mr. Tang Kai Man, from CMO-CS
  • Ms. Lao In Meng, from CMO-CS
  • Mr. Lei Mun Kio, from CMO-CDE