Long-term Service Award of Year 2007

This award is granted to those staff members who are working in the University of Macau for 20 years in year 2007, there are 15 staff eligible for this award. They include:

  • Mr. Tang Chi Meng, from CMO-CDE
  • Mr. Chou Heng I, from CMO-CDE
  • Mr. Leong I Meng, from CMO-CDE
  • Mr. Vong Tat Man, from CMO-CS
  • Mr. Lam Ut Fao, from CMO-CS
  • Mr. Ho Weng Kun, from CMO-CS
  • Ms. Kuong Kin Sao, from CMO-CS
  • Mr. Loi Hon Seng, from CMO-CS
  • Mrs. Heather Butterfield Barreto, from CPU
  • Mr. Sun Peng Tak, from LIB
  • Ms. Lou Choi Nam, from LIB
  • Ms. Wat Kuai Heng, from LIB
  • Mr. Chu Sio Kei, from LIB
  • Dr. Wong Kwok Keung, from LIB
  • Dr. Ieong Hoi Keng, from LIB