Academic Staff

November 2018

<font size="3">Prof. Chen Zhong</font size="3">

Prof. Chen Zhong

Associate Professor

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

<font size="3">Prof. Jinghan Chen, Jean</font size="3">

Prof. Jinghan Chen, Jean

Chair Professor

Faculty of Business Administration

<font size="3">Prof. Zhao Xinshu</font size="3">

Prof. Zhao Xinshu

Chair Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Administrative Staff

November 2018

<font size="3">Ms. Leong Im Fong, Cathy</font size="3">

Ms. Leong Im Fong, Cathy

Administrative Assistant

Procurement Section of Office of Administration

<font size="3">Mr. Leong Wai Kei, Ricky</font size="3">

Mr. Leong Wai Kei, Ricky

Senior Administrative Assistant

Facility Management and Maintenance Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Ms. Wong Im Na, Nareen</font size="3">

Ms. Wong Im Na, Nareen

Senior Administrative Assistant

Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Ms. Chang Weng San, Cherie</font size="3">

Ms. Chang Weng San, Cherie

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Law