Academic Staff

May 2019

<font size="3">Prof. Chuang Wang</font size="3">

Prof. Chuang Wang

Distinguished Professor and Dean of Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

Administrative Staff

May 2019

<font size="3">Mr. Teng Ka Kei, Andy</font size="3">

Mr. Teng Ka Kei, Andy

Administrative Assistant

Construction and Engineering Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Mr. Tang Lun Fai, Jason</font size="3">

Mr. Tang Lun Fai, Jason

Administrative Officer

Faculty of Business Administration

<font size="3">Ms. Lin Binbin, Doris</font size="3">

Ms. Lin Binbin, Doris

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Law

<font size="3">Ms. Chan Hoi Ian, Sarah</font size="3">

Ms. Chan Hoi Ian, Sarah

Administrative Assistant

Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

<font size="3">Mr. Chan Chi Weng, Staty</font size="3">

Mr. Chan Chi Weng, Staty

Senior Library Assistant

Library Services and Outreach Section of University Library

<font size="3">Ms. Kuong Ieng Ieng, Kelly</font size="3">

Ms. Kuong Ieng Ieng, Kelly

Administrative Assistant

Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office

<font size="3">Mr. Ieong Chi Man</font size="3">

Mr. Ieong Chi Man

Skilled Worker

Security and Transport Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Mr. Ng Ka Kit, Alex</font size="3">

Mr. Ng Ka Kit, Alex

Senior Administrative Assistant

Library Resources and Development Section of University Library