Academic Staff

March 2018

<font size="3">Prof. Sun Yifeng</font size="3">

Prof. Sun Yifeng

Chair Professor

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

<font size="3">Mr. Hugo Emanuel De Miranda Rodrigues Duarte Fonseca</font size="3">

Mr. Hugo Emanuel De Miranda Rodrigues Duarte Fonseca

Senior Instructor

Faculty of Law

Administrative Staff

March 2018

<font size="3">Ms. Wu Szu Yi, Drina</font size="3">

Ms. Wu Szu Yi, Drina

Administrative Assistant

Rector’s Office

<font size="3">Ms. Tam Un Leng, Catarina</font size="3">

Ms. Tam Un Leng, Catarina

Senior Administrative Officer

Construction and Engineering Section of Campus Management and Development Office