Academic Staff

June 2019

<font size="3">Mr. Chan Ka Lon, Alan</font size="3">

Mr. Chan Ka Lon, Alan


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Administrative Staff

June 2019

<font size="3">Mr. Lau Ka Kan, Ken</font size="3">

Mr. Lau Ka Kan, Ken

Administrative Assistant

Facility Development Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Mr. Lam Chi Kit, Kit</font size="3">

Mr. Lam Chi Kit, Kit

Information Technology Technician

Academic Computing and Technology Services Section of Information and Communication Technology Office

<font size="3">Mr. Pat Sio Kei, Simon</font size="3">

Mr. Pat Sio Kei, Simon

Senior Library Assistant

Library Services and Outreach Section of University Library