Administrative Staff

February 2020

<font size="3">Mr. Ip Kam Kei</font size="3">

Mr. Ip Kam Kei

Administrative Assistant

Construction and Engineering Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Ms. Lam Ka Wai, Candy </font size="3">

Ms. Lam Ka Wai, Candy

Senior Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Business Administration

<font size="3">Ms. Lam Weng Man, Alice </font size="3">

Ms. Lam Weng Man, Alice

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Science and Technology

<font size="3">Ms. Ieong Sut Wai, Hedy</font size="3">

Ms. Ieong Sut Wai, Hedy

Administrative Assistant

Institute of Microelectronics

<font size="3">Dr. Li Canfeng </font size="3">

Dr. Li Canfeng

Principal Administrative Officer

Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office