Vice Rector

February 2019

<font size="3">Prof. So Kee Long Billy </font size="3">

Prof. So Kee Long Billy

Vice Rector (Student Affairs) and Chair Professor

Rector’s Office

Academic Staff

February 2019

<font size="3">Prof. Chengzhong Xu </font size="3">

Prof. Chengzhong Xu

Chair Professor and Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Science and Technology

<font size="3">Prof. Wang Shengpeng</font size="3">

Prof. Wang Shengpeng

Assistant Professor

Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

Administrative Staff

February 2019

<font size="3">Mr. Ho Ka Hei, Hugo</font size="3">

Mr. Ho Ka Hei, Hugo

Administrative Assistant

Construction and Engineering Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Ms. Iu Nga Teng, Tiffany</font size="3">

Ms. Iu Nga Teng, Tiffany

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Health Sciences

<font size="3">Ms. Ao Cheng I, Jenny</font size="3">

Ms. Ao Cheng I, Jenny

Administrative Assistant

Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College

<font size="3">Ms. Yuncg Qi Xuan, Juliana</font size="3">

Ms. Yuncg Qi Xuan, Juliana

Administrative Assistant

Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office

<font size="3">Mr. Lei Weng Chong</font size="3">

Mr. Lei Weng Chong

Administrative Assistant

Information Management Section of Information and Communication Technology Office

<font size="3">Ms. Butt Si Meng, Cynthia</font size="3">

Ms. Butt Si Meng, Cynthia

Psychological Counseling Associate

Student Counselling Section of Student Affairs Office