Academic Staff

April 2019

<font size="3">Prof. Zhang Hongcai</font size="3">

Prof. Zhang Hongcai

Assistant Professor

The State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City (University of Macau)

Administrative Staff

April 2019

<font size="3">Ms. Cheang Pui I, Natalie</font size="3">

Ms. Cheang Pui I, Natalie

Administrative Assistant

Public Relations Section of Communications Office

<font size="3">Mr. Tai Chi Chon, Andrew</font size="3">

Mr. Tai Chi Chon, Andrew

Administrative Assistant (Laboratory Technician)

Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

<font size="3">Mr. Choi Wai Lon, Brian</font size="3">

Mr. Choi Wai Lon, Brian

Administrative Assistant

Facility Development Section of Campus Management and Development Office

<font size="3">Mr. Leong Wai Fat</font size="3">

Mr. Leong Wai Fat

Skilled Worker

Security and Transport Section of Campus Management and Development Office